our studio serves as a place for us as well as other clay ENTHUSIASTS to learn, and grow their work.  


a little back round information on how we got started

In 2002 Gail began working with Maho Bay Camps to set up Maho Bay Clay Works as part of their “Art of Recycling Program" producing art from recycling and based on energy conservation. On property, not only was the pottery studio but there was also a glass blowing studio, textiles department, and paper making.  Guests had the chance to not only learn about these crafts while on vacation but also get down and dirty if they wanted. With the help of Gail's expertise the campground built a complete community clay studio which included kick and electric wheels, a Raku kiln, a wood burning kiln fired with recycled shipping palette wood, and finally a waste Vegetable Oil fired kiln which uses 40 gal of used restaurant cooking oil per firing.  Soon after the studio was assembled it only made sense for it to became officially Gail's and thank goodness it did because in 2013, when Maho Bay Camps had to close its doors after its 35 year lease expired she was able to find a new location to keep her dream going.  Since "the move" Casey and Gail have been able to reconstruct the studio and help it continue to evolve.


our facility

Studio Equipment is available for up to date members as well as for classes and workshops

 Our studio is housed in two parallel 40 ft shipping container, with an outdoor workspace nestled under a covered breezy, roofed area in-between. It functions beautifully as an indoor/outdoor studio in a tropical climate. One container has large sliding doors and an industrial exhaust fan that stores our dry ingredients for glaze mixing as well as glazes and a large counter space to finish work. Two electric kilns and rented storage spaces are also inside. On the opposite side is another 40ft container that houses our electric wheels, each wheel has its own “throwing station” shelves. Masonite bats and common studio tools for everyone to share during studio use and sell clay tools. We use high fire red and white stoneware and porcelain clay bodies from Miller/ Laguna. Our clay is ocean freight shipped from Miami, FL. We maintain an inventory of about 25 cone 10 reduction glazes which we mix from tested formulas. 
     There is a large sturdy table for hand building and an ample sized wedging bench for at least 4 people to wedge at once.

• 6 + electric wheels ( Bailey ST-50, Brent CXC, Brent B and Shimpo)

• North Star slab roller

• Bailey Glaze Sprayers

• Skutt Electric Kiln

• Highfire Gas Kiln